An Invitation And A Warning: A New Column From Kristy Jett

It’s a Wednesday night and I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop propped on my thighs. I’m staring at the screen and at first nothing comes. I just stare at this blank screen and wait for inspiration to strike. I glance around my room and I see a VHS copy of Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, a laserdisc of Captain Supermarket (that’s what Army of Darkness is called in Japan), and a stack of DVD’s I have yet to watch. On my TV, The Silence of The Lambs is playing for the third time this week, probably the 10th time this month, as I work on an article.

In this moment it hits me that I am fully immersed in my life. I don’t know that a lot of people can say that. We work a day job that sucks out our soul and our home is our escape as we fall into our pop culture romance. For me,  luckily I have a day job that makes me want to get up in the morning, working for Fright Rags the horror t-shirt company. All day long I am surrounded by my number one love- horror movies. When I get home at night, I do this. I write. I nerd around. I’m in love with horror and all it’s trappings.

My name is Kristy Jett, and I write about pop culture, namely horror movies. I can’t say I’m a professional writer, but I also can’t say that I’m not. Let’s just say over the past couple of years I’ve had the good fortune of writing for a lot of good publications, both online and in print. I started with, and soon after that I was asked to help create I built a staff and content for almost two years. In that time I had a stint with and I started writing with The, and I still write for them occasionally.

For about a year I wrote for Fangoria, mainly online but I did contribute to Issue 300. And for the first time I was ever in a magazine, that was pretty exhilarating. Not too long after that I was taken on board to be a part of Famous Monsters Underground, which was set to be a pretty amazing magazine from Famous Monsters of Filmland. Sadly it only lasted for one issue, but it was a great one thanks to the talents of April Snellings (now writer and online editor for Rue Morgue Magazine).

After leaving The Blood Sprayer I found myself teamed up with, and writing exclusively in print for HorrorHound Magazine. Writing for HorrorHound has been the highlight of my writing career. They are one of the most supportive magazines I’ve ever dealt with, and they appreciate the nerdy ideas I come to them with.  As I say I’ve been lucky to write for some amazing publications.

During my time writing for HorrorHound and having a regular spot at The Liberal Dead I was approached by Rondal, head honcho here at Strange Kids Club, asking if I wanted to be a contributing editor. My immediate thought was, “You can’t possibly take on another writing responsibility, or another responsibility in general.”  Almost immediately after my knee-jerk reaction I knew that I had to think about it.  I should probably add I’m in charge of offline promotions for Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon, and for almost two years I’ve been working diligently to get a DVD/Blu Ray release of the film Popcorn (1991).  I have a lot on my plate for sure, but this was one offer I couldn’t just bat off.

Strange Kids Club is one of those experiences that you want to be a part of. And someone offers it up to you? You can’t just pass that by. I love the community that Rondal has created and I’m honored that he wants me to be a part of it in any capacity.  From time to time I’ll be stopping in to muse about the things I love, the things I nerd over. I’ll also be contributing interviews and spotlights on people and films that you probably love too. I can have some striking opinions, so I warn you to remember anything I say comes from a sincere love of my horror genre, and for most pop culture. I don’t shitkick without reasoning.  All in all I’ll be a female voice at SKC, but moreover a horror voice, and hopefully someone you can relate to. Even if you can’t relate, we’ll hope that you dig what I have to say, or the stories I bring to SKC.

It can be said that technically our nerd culture is no longer the subculture as our reality has become over saturated in the media. One thing that can be said though is that mainstream media only glimpses at what we live every day, we love it, we immerse our entire lives in it. That’s what I think of when it comes to Strange Kids Club. I see it as a celebration of all of those things that make us who we are. Whether it’s reaching back into what made our childhood wonderful, or geeking out on what butters our bread nowadays, I’m excited to be able to share in it with you, especially in such a forum as Strange Kids Club.

*Insane thanks go out to Krystal Fancey Beck aka The Zombified for drawing that image of me you see above!

Written by Kristy Jett

Executive Director of Service & Sass for Fright Rags. Writer for HorrorHound Magazine. Spearheader of the Popcorn (1991) dvd/blu ray re-release campaign. Head of offline promotions for Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon. The best friend you could ever want, the worst enemy you could never need. Drinks juiceboxes, wears headbands. Loves Thom Mathews more than most of his former girlfriends do.

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