Trick or Treat Studios Unveils Officially Licensed Michael Myers Mask for 2012

In a bit of late breaking news, our friends over at Trick or Treat Studios recently unveiled their new 2012 line of Halloween masks at the Halloween Expo in Houston and, boy, do they have some “killer” ones in store for all you boils and ghouls this year.

They kicked off the announcements with trusty ole fiends like an Albino Ghoul, Decayed (Zombie) and some pretty twisted clowns, but they really stepped up their game with the unveiling of their officially licensed line of masks which include Syngenor, Cousin Eerie, The Shadow Hill Demon, Hellboy, The Goon (sa-weet jeebus!!) and TWO Michael Myers replicas based on the classic Halloween 2 (1981); a regular version and a blood tears version.

Click images to enlarge.

Now, even though I’m not the biggest collector of mask (though I might soon be), the attention to detail on these, the Michael Myers masks especially, are freaking sweet! After speaking with owner Chris Zephro personally this past week he reiterated just how precise they’re being with these things; from the smudges on the mask to the shape of the eyebrow Trick or Treat Studios seems to have a real appreciation for these masks and the properties that inspired them.

While some are already up for pre-sale, there’s no word yet on when the rest will follow. Be sure to check out the official Trick or Treat Studios Facebook page for the latest!

Written by Rondal

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