‘Some Guy Who Kills People’ Offers a Clever Twist on the Serial Killer Subgenre

Given its title and appearance, it would be easy to dismiss this film as a simple, independent horror-comedy in the vein of Clerks (albeit with murder). However, that would be a mistake since Some Guy Who Kills People offers up a clever series of unpredictable twists that are elevated by a superb cast and excellent effects. Sure, there’s an ample dose of gore – enough to keep horror fans satisfied – and there’s some genuinely awkward/funny moments in the most David Lynchian sort of way, but there’s also a lot of heart.

Directed by Jack Perez and written by Ryan Levin, Some Guy Who Kills People has been making its way through the festival circuit for the past year or so with plans for a wider release later this year. The film features Kevin Corrigan (Pineapple Express, Fringe) as Ken Boyd, a tormented comic book artist (and part-time ice cream vendor) who’s been recently released from the local loony bin just in time for a series of grisly murders… the victims of which just happen to be the same high school bullies who put him in the nut house to begin with.

All of this seems to follow the slasher formula of films like Slaughter High and Bruiser, that is, until we meet Amy Wheeler (played brilliantly by Ariel Gade) As it turns out, Amy is Boyd’s illegitimate daughter who has re-emerged in his life very much at the wrong time. It’s at this point that the serial killer angle takes a bit of a back seat in favor of the emerging dynamic between father and daughter.

Making sure not to play it to straight, though, veteran actors Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses) and Barry Bostwick (Spin City) up with weird quotient a bit with their bizarre, sexually driven relationship as Boyd’s mother (Ruth) and Sheriff Walt Fuller. On top of this, Boyd is also given a love interest in the form of Stephanie (Welsh-accented Lucy Davis). It’s a lot of elements to juggle in one film, but Perez manages to do it with poise and precision.

It helps that Corrigan and Gade are so engaging as father and daughter; complete with a stilted, but deeply personal connection that continues to grow all the way to the end of the movie. Unfortunately, I found the ending to be a little too heart-warming in respect of everything else that happens in the film. It’s a small rub and admittedly it fits, but it just lacks that final, tongue-biting jab that one might expect from a dark comedy.

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Written by Rondal

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  • Wow, I’m sold. That’s a really great cast and the trailer looks great…..definitely will be looking forward this one.