Jason Horn’s Ninjasaur Is Looking to Make the Leap from Digital to Print


Fans of Jason Horn’s “family friendly” webcomic, NINJASAUR, has reason to rejoice. Coming straight from Horn himself, the creator has set his sights on bringing the wild adventures of his anthropomorphic dino-ninja to life in a “150 page trade paperback that collects EVERY Ninjasaur story ever created.”

To raise funds for the project, Horn recently launched a Kickstarter campaign (there’s a lot of that going around, huh?) that ALREADY exceeded its goal of $2000. The good news is that funding will continue all the way until Feb. 20, so if you still want to contribute there’s time. And who knows, maybe it’ll mean we’ll get a few extra nuggets of Ninjasaur goodness. Pledge rewards range from sketches to signed copies of the book… you could even get the chance to be drawn into a future issue!

Ninjasaur fights ghosts, cavemen, mad scientists, aliens, a robot samurai rhinoceros, and Napoleon. This book is filled with extras. There is a sketchbook section featuring character designs and secret info you can’t find elsewhere. And there is a guest artist pin-up gallery featuring Ninjasaurs by Guy Davis, Art Baltazar , Mike Maihack , Jemma Salume, and many more!

Written by Rondal

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