What Time is It? It’s Adventure Time with Jazwares’ Officially Licensed Toy Line!

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’d like to officially introduce you to our newest member to the SKC crew, Rob Meyer! Some of you may recognize Rob from the recently broadcast Toy Hunters special on the Travel Channel. As an avid toy fanatic, Rob will be joining us habitually to share his latest scores (both old and new) and generally be our geek guide to the world of toys.

If you’re not watching Cartoon Network’s hit series Adventure Time, you’re missing one of the most clever and strangely heartwarming shows being produced today. This show is totally bizarre… in the most wonderful way possible.


Created by Pendleton Ward (who also worked on another favorite, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack), Adventure Time follows the story of Jake (the dog) and Finn (the human). The series also features a colorful cast of oddballs such as; Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, The Ice King and Lumpy Space Princess (yes… they are as bizzare as their names suggest).

Adventure Time 22-Inch Slamacows
22-Inch Slamacow Finn (MSRP: $24.99)


Recently Jazwares released a series of Adventure Time toys that had me practically running for the nearest toy store. With a show this weird and fun, toys were a natural fit and I had to have them! Currently there are several different scales you can choose from. There’s the 2 inch 2-packs, the 5” inch single packs, a 10 inch Deluxe Finn w/ backpack, 6 inch plushies and the 20 inch Slamacows (think WWF Wrestling Buddies). The Slamacows (see above) encourage kids to beat the hell of them and “hear fun sayings from the show!”


With a show and toy line this new, speculating about collectible value is purely a guessing game at this point. I will say this… I gave up collecting toys as an investment a LONG time ago. Today I collect purely for fun of it and happily rip open (gasp!) almost all of the toys I purchase.

Adventure Time toys
2-Inch Collectible Pack (MSRP: $7.99)

With that said, there’s still a strong chance that this line will be collectible in the future. The shelf life for most of these shows (no matter how good) is only about 2-3 years on average, which means Adventure Time could be toon history before we know it. Pair that with a strong cult following and the fact that Jazwares is a relatively small company (which usually means a small production run) and you’ve got one hot toy line. Now go snag some for yourself… they’re mathematical!

Written by Rob Meyer

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio (the birthplace of Kenner Toys), illustrator, graphic designer & lifelong collector Rob Meyer has plastic running through his veins.

He still likes showing off his toys and will talk for hours on end about action figure lines most "normal" people have never even heard of. He hopes to one day pass his collection and enthusiasm for the hobby onto his daughter Lydia. And if you're wondering, yes… she was named after the girl from Beetlejuice.

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  • Dex

    Hey Rob, welcome to the Club!

    I’m not sure if my Toys R Us is just not getting stock in or if it’s selling fast. They hardly have any AT toys when I check. I like the idea of the 2″ figs but all the ones I look at have paint app problems that keep me from buying them.

    I did manage to pick up the smaller Finn & Jake plush buddies (not the Slamacows) a couple months ago and I haven’t seen them back in the store since!

    • I haven’t had much luck at my local Toys R Us either. Though, in all honestly, my local store sucks donkey balls.

      The Slamcows sound pretty cool tho – next generation wrestling buddies, sweet. Actually, they make me think of the old Ren & Stimpy plushies… the ones that made fart/burp sounds. Anyone remember those?

  • Oh yeah….I’m getting these. Now we just need a Regular Show line….

    • I second that! Regular Show action figures is a must.

  • Rob

    I’m not sure how long these were out before I finally found them, but I do know that I got the only Deluxe Finn at my TRU. There were 2 boxes of plush, but one was almost empty, a decent amount of the 2-packs and only 2 sets of Slamacows (which are VERY cool!)

    I forgot to mention in the post, that the backpack that comes with 10″ Finn opens up and there are peg holes in it, like something is supposed to fit there. I was really hoping for an additional accessory like the little computer guy Beemo, but no luck. I cant help but wonder, what was supposed to be there??

    Oh and I’m with you guys on Regular show toys. I need High Five Ghost!

  • Dex

    They must make Regular Show toys but they should be required to have sound. How can you not have a Mordecai & RIgby that go “yeeaaauhhh!” or “hmmm! hmmm!” or “OOOOOOOOOO!”