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‘Zombirama’ Animated Short Film Promises Lots of Face-Eating Fun

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February 1, 2012


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‘Zombirama’ Animated Short Film Promises Lots of Face-Eating Fun

Are you tired of hearing about new zombie movies? Yeah, me neither. But just in case you’re the kind of person that craves twists in your zombie movies, here’s a sneak peek at an animated zombie film short film called ZOMBIRAMA.

From the mind of Ariel Lopez (this guy’s work is amazing!), Zombirama is a 7-minute “whimsical” mash-up of animation comedy and horror featuring potato-faced zombies that go around doing zombie stuff (hint: like eating people). Not much else has been revealed in the preview footage that Lopez has posted of the film in Vimeo, but really what else do we need to know? It’s got zombies with “spud-heads,” people being eaten alive and fiery, animated explosions. I’m sold.

Thanks to Jon David Guerra for the tip!

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