Are You Ready to Enter the Zoneplex? A Board Game Adventure in an Alien Pyramid

As the resident Magic: The Gathering nerd in the SKC clubhouse, I try to keep up what’s going on in general gaming spheres. When the Kickstarter proposal for the game ZONEPLEX was dropped in my lap I was left with a sense of intrigue, and couldn’t help but stand in awe of just how insane the whole thing looks.

Zoneplex is the brainchild of Shelby Cinca and Kenny Jakobsson, two game designers whose interests stretch far beyond the realm of games. The Kickstarter page for Zoneplex describes the game as “a board game that combines a tile-laying/exploration mechanism, a collaborative battle system, and a zone control system to create an intriguing adventure deep within an alien structure.” If that description makes your head explode a little, you might be interested to hear about the setting of the game:

In the far future while the known empires attempt universal dominance, a pyramid craft that can tilt the scales of power has emerged: the Zoneplex! As a group of warrior monks, you must battle otherworldly creatures while exploring a highly advanced mystic pyramid at the edge of space and time.

Now that’s more like it! Although the game itself seems pretty complicated, the charm of Zoneplex lies in the creative vision, which includes excellent creature design from Peter Lazarski, who illustrates the game’s “Fears” as sublime creations born of a fantasty where HP Lovecraft spends a Dortito-crumb-covered weekend playing Metroid. The design is rounded out by Swedish illustrator Niklas Åkerblad, who gives the game’s relic cards that poppy, cryptic charm that the game designers were looking for.

Are you excited yet?! If not, you’re nuts, but you should absolutely head over to Zoneplex Kickstarter page and check out the awesomely grandiose videos that explain the game in greater detail and give more info on the back story. While you’re there, make sure you take a look at the different pledge levels, which offer up some killer bonuses including t-shirts, prints, an exclusive art book, and bonus cards for use in the game. Whether you’re a dedicated board gamer or curious person looking to get into some mystical pyramid shenanigans, you should do your part to help make the Zoneplex a reality. It’ll be the only pyramid you’ll ever be able to claim that you help build!

Written by Mark Newell

Mark Newell is a co-owner, designer, developer, writer, and podcast personality at Bloody Good Horror, a website dedicated to the best and worst that the horror genre has to offer. In his spare time, he’s lighting things on fire in Skyrim, contemplating his next wacky lucha libre tattoo, and trying to bend the space-time continuum in a way that allows him to play Magic: the Gathering Online for days at a time without losing his day job.

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