On the Shelves: DVD Releases for Jan 31, 2012

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases for this week.

Drive – Recently I’ve seen Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides of March with Mr Gosling and I really like the guy. So I’m super excited to see this movie. I’m not even for sure what it’s about, but I know he drives in it.

ST TNG The Next Level
Star Trek the Next Generation: The Next Level – So, no The Next Generation season sets on Blu-Ray yet, but we get this “teaser” set with three episodes. Episodes included are Encounter at Farpoint, Sins of the Father and The Inner Light.  Not sure why you wouldn’t just wait for the season sets.  And what the hell is the hold up with those sets?

In Time
In Time – I’ve heard wildly different things about this movie. It’ll be either an awesome overlooked gem or completely awful.  It sounds futuristic and sci-fi and cool, but so did Repo Men and that movie was terrible.

The Thing
The Thing – Prequel to John Carpenter’s classic 1982 sci-fi horror movie. I’ve really no interest in this because I’m not the biggest fan of the original.

2 Headed Shark Attack
2 Headed Shark Attack – Starring Carmen Electra, Brooke “She’s a MAN, baby” Hogan and the younger brother of Jerry O’Connell.  This looks just ridiculous enough that it may work.

Jeckyll vs Werewolf
Dr Jekyll vs The Werewolf – From 1972. Spanish monster film that sounds so incredibly bad and awesome at the same time that I’m going to have to watch it. Part of a monster movie series that is preceded by the awesomely titled The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman (1971) and Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (1968).

The Big Year
The Big Year – What does it say about a movie when it stars Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson and I’ve never heard of it. It doesn’t bode well, my friends.  Oh, and it’s about bird watchers.

Written by Paxton Holley

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