Astron-6 Announces Screening Dates for ‘Father’s Day’ PLUS ‘Star Raiders’ Short

Star Raiders

Shortly after our review of Astron-6’s film Father’s Day hit last week it was revealed that the film was leaked online. Now WAIT – before you jump on BitTorrent to grab a copy for you and your closest 50 friends I want to personally offer a plea to reconsider. Not only is Astron-6 a small team of actors, directors and fellow film-lovers, but they also have yet to make much (if anything) off the film since Troma has yet to release it. Instead, I implore you to be patient and either catch an up-coming screening – the dates, times and locations of which are listed below – or wait until the film hits on DVD.

As a bonus to tide you over until then, Astron-6 has released the Star Raiders short that appears in the feature film. Go see it on the big screen and support indie movie makers… better yet, write to Troma and tell them to release it on DVD already!

Feb 10, 11:
New York, NY – Sunshine Cinema
With Producer Lloyd Kaufman

Feb 10, 11:
Minneapolis, MN – Lagoon Cinema

Feb 17, 18:
Denver, CO – Esquire Theatre

Feb 17, 18:
Brookline, MA – Coolidge Corner Theatre
With Producer Lloyd Kaufman (17th only)

Feb 24:
Saskatoon, SK – Broadway Theatre

Feb 24:
Los Angeles, CA – The Nuart
With Producer Lloyd Kaufman

Feb 25:
San Diego, CA – Ken Cinema
With Producer Lloyd Kaufman

March 2:
Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center

March 2, 3:
Dallas, TX – Inwood Theatre

March 2, 3:
Washington, DC – E Street Cinema

March 9, 10:
Dallas, TX – The Texas Theatre

Mar 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26:
Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Film Group

April 20, 21:
Seattle, WA – Egyptian Theatre

May 11 — UK Screening!
London, UK – Prince Charles Cinema
With Producer Lloyd Kaufman

Written by Rondal

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