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Fan Art Friday: Awesome Dr. Seuss-Inspired Ghostbusters, A-Team and More

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January 27, 2012


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Fan Art Friday: Awesome Dr. Seuss-Inspired Ghostbusters, A-Team and More

As a kid, reading the crazy tales of Dr. Seuss was more than enough to keep me wide-eyed and entertained. But imagine for a moment that Dr. Seuss had chosen to adapt a few characters who were not of his own creation; characters like The Ghostbusters or… The A-Team. Wouldn’t that be freaking unbelievably cool?!

While we may never (sadly) get to see the real deal, a DeviantArt contributor by the tag DrFaustusAU has given us the next best thing. Not only has the artist depicted both of the aforementioned franchises in a Dr. Seuss style, but he’s only done the same for Batman, Joker, Showtime’s Dexter and even did an entire book based on H.P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu)!

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  • jwbalsley

    Those are frikin’ awesome, I really like the Ghostbusters one, but they’re all great!