Weird World of Webcomics: Christopher Hastings’ The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Knife Eye Attack

We’ve seen many stories around the comic world. Stories about vengeance-fueled vigilantes, masked heroes, science fiction that defies the laws of “awesome,” lost civilizations, pop culture cameos, exorcisms, ninjas and so much more. But it only took the mind of one man, artist Christopher Hastings, to create a webcomic that mash-up all of the concepts together in a mind-blowing, hilarious experience called… THE ADVENTURES OF DR. MCNINJA.

What could be considered such potentially complex and epic story can be summarized like this: an Irish descendant ninja/doctor is compelled to both kill and cure with a highly obsessive behavior (like Batman). Throw in a 300 pound secretary/nurse gorilla, a bandito raptor rider kid sidekick with a mustache, awfully tradition-obsessed ninja parents, a teacher who is a clone of Ben Franklin and a Mayor who is awfully afraid of zombies in a town that seems to be in the center of the weirdness of the universe and you get a glimpse of the idea.

I have to tell you this comic is big, not only because of the oddities, but because each character is developed in their own exquisitely original way. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja takes a silly concept into a epic world full of great characters who can jump from reality to reality, offering endlessly different scenarios involving common life problems that cause tons of hilarity. If you are a fan of epic heroism, or just simply a guy after a good laugh, this webcomic is for you. If you are seek comic perfection, look no further.

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Written by Borja Chavarri

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