Discover the ‘Magic’ of Mr. Flea’s Cinematical Emporium

The Magic Projector

We first discovered Christopher Walsh’s stop motion work back in November (Fitness Class Zombie), but as it turns out the animator/director has even more shorts to share including another zom-com (Rise Of The Living Corpse) and this wonderful “epic” called The Magic Projector. It’s like Will Vinton meets Georges Méliès.

Walsh, who teaches at Sheridan College as well offering tips & tricks on his blog, created the film in collaboration with Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent as his thesis from the MFA Film Program at York University in Toronto. A mix of stop motion and paper cut-outs, The Magic Projector tells the tale of two young siblings in the 1930s who “learn not only about the magic of cinema, but what it means to say goodbye to someone you love.”

At 14-minutes its one of Walsh’s longest shorts to date, but the director did give us an inside tip on his latest work-in-progress, which sounds like it might just be another horror parody (YES!):

I am working on something [new]… something much bigger! Still a short, still spooky, still funny, but longer and [with] higher production value.

Written by Rondal

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