Resident Evil 6 Reveal Trailer Goes “Viral”

Resident Evil 6

It’s an awesome year to be a Resident Evil fan!  In time for the series fifteenth anniversary, we’ll be seeing the release of  Revelations, Operation Raccoon City, and (sigh) a new movie (…really?), and now a surprise reveal trailer for the upcoming RE6! The trailer finds Leon battling his way through zombies, yes zombies, Chris run and gunning through a warzone of a city, and various mutant abominations trying to lay waste to our heroes.

Not much is known about the  story details as of yet but reportedly the series is heading back to its tense survival horror roots while combining the face paced, over the shoulder action of the recent entries. Judging by the video above that definitely seems to be the case! I admit, I kinda jumped ship after the disappointment of RE 5… but after seeing this, ORC, and the upcoming 3DS title in action… it feels pretty damn good to be back. Keep an eye out for 6 sometime late this year.

Written by Joe Hasson

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  • Borja Chávarri

    This is indeed a great year to be a RE fanXD