These ‘Werewolves’ Gets Some New Wheels Courtesy of Corlen Kruger

Werewolves on Wheels by Corlen Kurger

Based on one of the more obscure horror/exploitation films of the 1970s, WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS, Corlen Kruger‘s latest poster print finally delivers on the title’s long-promised premise of an evil cult, a sexy Bride of Satan, bad ass werewolves, and tough-as-nails thugs riding “motorbikes.”

Let’s be honest, the film itself never really made that much of an impression. By all accounts it’s got WAY more dialogue than a horror film should, at least one of this caliber, and not hardly enough nudity or werewolves. If I had to imagine Kruger’s take based on this poster alone? I’d say we were in store for Sons of Anarchy meets Bad Moon or Dog Soldiers. Are you getting all of that, Hollywood?

Click here to purchase the print from Kruger’s shop.

Werewolves on Wheels poster

I wanted to incorporate a lot of the film’s themes and scenes in the artwork. For example the wax doll in the lower right hand corner of the poster is of the female character, that ‘One’ the leader of the devil cult creates, gets possessed to perform the dance of evil under the control of One, that is the character behind the werewolf.

Written by Rondal

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  • This poster makes the movie look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then it actually is. Amazing art!