Resident Evil: Distant Memories Shows Us Why There’s No School Like Old School

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sources at TEAM96 have brought it to our attention that the game is now called DISTANT MEMORIES instead of the previously subtitle of “Dark Memories.”

Remember when Resident Evil used to be scary? Or good? (Admit it….5 sucked.) Remember the good old days of stalking through dusty mansion corridors, blasting ghouls (literally) in half with a well placed shotgun blast, or running for your polygon life away from the nigh invulnerable Nemesis?  Of course you do, and so does Team96.

Resident Evil: Distant Memories is a return to the classic RE formula many of us grew up with. Dark Memories is a total conversion of Resident Evil 2, modding the PC version of the game into something new entirely. The game follows Barry Burton & Rebecca Chambers (leading a newly reformed S.T.A.R.S.) as they investigate reports of  bio experiments being conducted at a facility located somewhere in the mountain regions of Germany. What will the duo find? Whatever it is, I’m betting it isn’t photogenic. A release date has yet to be announced, but you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be watching this like a hawk….I need my old school zombie slaying fix. Itchy, tasty.

Written by Joe Hasson

Joe is just your average ordinary friendly neighborhood sociopath. When not busy watching Elvira reruns, staying up all night playing Splatterhouse, or re-enacting scenes from Conan the Barbarian to a horrified public, he can be found diligently writing his first comic book, taking his first steps into the realm of special effects mastery, and building his hybrid Megaforce flying motorcycle/time traveling DeLorean. He also plays a mean game of Pac-Man.

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  • Borja Chávarri

    I endorse it 100%. Is a good old fashioned RE game.

  • I`m one of the guys involved in this mod. The Mortician. I`m working on the pre-rendered backgrounds of the game and just wanted to thank you for the article. We recently changed the name of the project to Distant Memories due to a heavy dissagreement with one of our founding members (HecRPD). He was disbanded from the team for breaking several team internal rules and pretending that the material we created is his work alone on several platforms on the web…

    Just wanted to let you all know that we have a official blog:

    The facebook profile Joe Hasson posted is not our, it`s the one that was created by the disbanded member who continues to create a project that is not related to the original Dark Memories (now Distant Memories) anymore, so you would be supporting the wrong project 😉

    The official Distant Memories facebook profile is:

    there is also an official TEAM96 profile here:

    Thanks again for the article and the support 😉

    – The Mortician (2d/3d artist, TEAM96)

    • Thanks for clearing that up The Mortician, sorry to hear about all the drama, but glad to hear the project is still on track. You have a very talented team!