Gotta Kill’em All! Director Toby Dale is a ‘Pokemon Badass’

By “Pokemon Badass” here, I’m not talking about some uber-fan that finally managed to “catch’em all.” No sir. This is Pokemon Badass is a bonafide cigar-munching, red vest-wearing, critter-busting assassin spewed forth from the bowels of cute and cuddly hell courtesy of Director Toby (Toby Dale)! You got it admit… they had it coming.

Written by Strange Kid

Strange Kid is the kind of monster-loving, trouble-making adolescent that refuses to grow up or give in to any of those other boring "responsibilities" that comes with being an adult. He likes to collect Garbage Pail Kids, always has a "monster in his pocket" and ritualistically devours an entire box of Frankenberry cereal for breakfast.

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