A Handshake at the Hardware Store is a Lot Like Taking a Poo

Okay, so two musclebound men walk into a hardware store…

It’s kinda like the beginning of a dirty joke, only you never see the punchline coming. Not in a million, billion years. In fact, I SO thought this short film (Squeeze) was leading to something else until… well, it’s better seen than explained. Believe me when I say that’s way more satisfying than Two Girl, One Cup, and a whole lot less messy.

Starring Matt Keirn and Brad Hollibaugh.
Written and directed by Brent Weinbach.

Written by Strange Kid

Strange Kid is the kind of monster-loving, trouble-making adolescent that refuses to grow up or give in to any of those other boring "responsibilities" that comes with being an adult. He likes to collect Garbage Pail Kids, always has a "monster in his pocket" and ritualistically devours an entire box of Frankenberry cereal for breakfast.

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