Weird World of Webcomics: Jason Horn’s Ninjasaur

Some of my favorite ideas come from mashing together two awesome things – peanut butter and jelly, beer and bratwursts, spaghetti and ranch dressing. Okay, so maybe I’m alone on that last one, but I’m sure most would agree that combining a ninja and a dinosaur would make an awesome idea for a comic strip character.

Jason Horn’s webcomic NINJASAUR is just that, an absurdly humorous webcomic that follows the adventures (and sometimes misadventures) of a dinosaur who is also a ninja (and not the other way around, as Horn notes on his website). So far Ninjasaur has battled space aliens, ghostly French dictators, and skeletal professors. The comic is also expanding on the concept of time-travel and how one of the villain’s “time machine gun” appears to have screwed up the space-time continuum and caused Abraham Lincoln to avoid assassination and become parallel-universe hopping hero.

Horn’s writing is impressive and manages to be goofy and silly, without being stupid, and while the past few updates to the current story arc are a little too talky and artistically static for my tastes when the action heats up Horn provides readers with some colorful and energetic drawings. The comic really gets cooking when Horn’s big, wild ideas match his loud and expressive artwork.

I’m excited to see where Horn takes Ninjasaur because his story arcs have left the door open for a limitless number of ridiculous possibilities. You can keep track of all the wonky fun at

Written by Will Penny

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