Web Series Wednesdays: Dave Carter’s ‘Psychotown’

PSYCHOTOWN is a short series of toons that began life as part of Mike Judge’s Animation Show back in 2008 and features a cast of foul-mouthed, cardboard cutouts with a slant sense of humor. The series, created Dave Carter and co-written by The Nice Guys, is a bit vulgar, but never quite comes across as the slapdash button-pushing as somethig like, say, South Park.

Among the top offenders Episode 4, entitled simply “Gimp,” would have to be my hands down favorite; a back-and-forth conversation between a typical “John Everyman” and a gimp reveals the all-too sinister form of torture known as normality. It’s actually a shame that the shorts never made it past 6 episodes, I could totally see it as an ongoing webseries of weekly sketches showcasing the sharp wit and Carter’s crude (but clever) stop motion animation.

Carter revealed in an interview with Channel Frederator in 2009:

The Gimp sketch was originally performed on stage and even a live action version was shot, so it went through a gradual refinement process. It’s so pure now you could inject it in your eyeballs.

Written by Rondal

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