On the Shelves: DVD Releases for Jan 03, 2012

Some of the new DVD/Blu-Ray releases for this week.  By the way, I had to retype the title of this article three times before I got the year correct.

I missed some good releases last week, so I’ll also include them.

Contagion – There are so many good people in this. It looks like a more serious version of Outbreak.

Archer Season 2
Archer The Complete Season 2 – This show is amazing and hilarious and if you aren’t watching it you should. Season 1 is also available on Blu-Ray and Netflix streaming.

Apollo 18
Apollo 18 – A great premise and cool, atmospheric trailers got me into the theater to see this movie. Final verdict: Disappointing. All the build up was squandered on a dumb resolution.

Final Destination 5
Final Destination 5 – These movies have somewhat gotten away from me. I enjoyed the first three (especially 2), but haven’t watched 4 or 5.

Shark Night
Shark Night – This looks amazing and goofy in the same way that Pirhana 3D was amazing and goofy.  I look forward to watching it.

Red: Werewolf Hunter – I’m not totally sold on Felicia Day like every other nerd seems to be. She was okay in the otherwise brilliant Dr Horrible, but I have little desire to see her in anything.

trip feature 2
V for Vendetta/Watchmen/Constantine Triple Feature – This is actually a pretty good triple feature of modern day comic book movies. I love all three of these movies.  I know Constantine takes a lot of shit from people mainly because Keanu doesn’t look like the comic, but I don’t care because the movie itself is good.  Another good triple feature this week is Se7en/Copy Cat/Taking Lives.  Both of these Blu-Ray triple features are available for less than $30 each.  Great bargains.

Written by Paxton Holley

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  • digitalWreK

    not a fan of Felicia Day ether…dont get the hype