Cartoon Short: Kyu-bum Lee’s ‘Death by Lemonade’

Death by Lemonade

“Something isn’t perfect because you can add more things to it, but when you get nothing else to remove from it.” I still can’t remember where I heard this phrase, but I am sure it fits Kyu-bum Lee short Death by Lemonade.

Having premiered as part of the Cartoon Brew TV Student Film Festival this short tells us a simple story of an entrepreneurial little girl that wanted money too much and knew too little. Kyu-bum Lee does a great job with the traditional 2D animation style, controlling colors and shades to improve the story telling, and with only three characters and two minutes it gets a good laugh out of you. Not much can be said without spoiling the video, but I can say that as a short it is as creative as it is surprising and as awesome as it is smart. It’s a strange story stripped to the bone to show us how good plot, characters and twist should be done; a pure return to the basics and it works perfectly.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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