Weird World of Webcomics: Rob Liefeld’s “Zombie Jesus”

It’s his very notoriety that makes Liefeld an absolute perfect fit to tackle the subject of a brain-eating Son of God.

It’s my favorite time of the year. Chestnuts are roasting, silver bells are ringing, and church folks are zealously urging others to keep “Christ in Christmas.” Lest we neglect our Lord and Savior this season, this week’s webcomic review spotlights the Head Honcho himself! It’s Rob Liefeld’s Zombie Jesus.

You probably already know that Liefeld is somewhat of an infamous figure in the world of mainstream comics. Having rose to prominence during the early ‘90s at Marvel, and then going on to be a co-founder of Image Comics, his “hyper-proportionalized” art style has garnered him quite a few critics. But it’s this very notoriety that makes Liefeld an absolute perfect fit to tackle the subject of a brain-eating Son of God.

Zombie Jesus pg 6Zombie Jesus begins right at the moment of Christ’s death. As he hangs from his cross, lightning shoots down from the heavens, causing all the recently deceased to climb from their graves and attack Jesus’ Roman persecutors. As the world is being overrun by the living dead, an unlikely hero charges into the fray to restore order to the chaos – Lazarus. (You know, that guy Jesus raised from the dead). Apparently Lazarus’ experience being on the other side of the grave makes him a perfect protagonist to battle zombies.

The webcomic may not win any Eisners for its writing, but Zombie Jesus does dazzle with some gruesome visuals of bible-character-on-zombie violence AND, while the comic is relatively new, (only 8 pages of story so far) it has gotten off to a quick start and definitely shows some promise.

So, this holiday, while you’re sipping on your eggnog and listening to Bing croon through the stereo, remember the true reason we celebrate this season – the Son of God was born of a virgin, died for our sins, and was resurrected… as a zombie! You can read all about it at

Written by Will Penny

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