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Live Action ‘Groovie Goolies’ Meet Tim Burton’s Voodoo Girl

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December 21, 2011


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Live Action ‘Groovie Goolies’ Meet Tim Burton’s Voodoo Girl

Okay, so it’s the THE Groovie Goolies but you have to admit that they’re pretty close. Besides, even if you feel like I pulled a fast one on you with that post title, you have to admit that Voodoo Girl is pretty… er, “striking” for a dead check who doubles as a pincushion.

The music video is actually the work of a “crazy, claymation gal” by the name of Sonya (aka DonutGurl) who provided the Art Direction for it on behalf of indie group Baba’s Band. I think. It’s hard to tell with the credits in a different language. Either way it’s a cool little video full of dancing monsters, a lounge singing werewolf and a pretty hot lady-corpse.

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