‘SANTAMAN: The Patron Saint of Justice’ is Coming to Town

We’ve seen quite a few different versions of “Santa Claus” this year, from Kringlebots to alien impostors. One thing we haven’t (at least not me) seen yet is a superhero Santa. Well folks… that’s about to change.

Thanks to the hard work of artist/animator Daniel N. Djanie (aka Gilmec) we’ve been given the gift known as SANTAMAN: The Patron Saint of Justice!* Okay, so perhaps this is an old short that some of you may have seen before, but for those who haven’t prepare to witness the single most awesome thing you’re likely to see on a Monday morning.


The whole world claims to know him, but only few people have actually ever seen him – and even fewer would admit to this! It turns out the time-honoured gentleman with his big bushy beard is actually a punchy superhero – talk about “Silent Night”! Under the red jelly bag cap we find a grim patron saint, who takes on the baddies of this world.

To sum the short up in the simplest terms possible it’s like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Batman and Extreme Ghostbusters got together for a holiday party as told by Charles Dickens imaginary brother Richard Dickens. Yeah, something like that.

*NOTE: I highly recommend NOT doing a search for SANTAMAN unless you like looking at pictures like this (<--- seriously, click that link at your own risk).

Written by Rondal

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