Issue Four of ELDRITCH! Arrives Just in Time to Ruin Christmas

ELDRITCH! returns to grab you by the chestnuts and carry you up the chimney in a delirious fit of Christmas-fueled rage.

ELDRITCH Issue FourSTORY BY: Aaron Alexovich
COVER PRICE: $0.99 (digital)
RELEASE DATE: Now available

As the fourth installment of ELDRITCH!‘s six-part miniseries, this issue brings some much needed attention to Ted Newbarn, the wacky white collar next door neighbor who’s demon baby terrorized our heroine, Anya, for much of issue #3.

Picking up where they left off last issue, Alexovich and Rausch take the creepy frequency and retch it up a few more decibles here with screaming zits (I’m taking a stab here, pun intended), maggots oozing from eyeballs, evisceration and a particularly shocking knife to the head. Of course, in the world of ELDRITCH! none of these events are quite as gruesome as they are simply gross-out moments that makes sense in the context of the story. It’s like a warped Saturday morning cartoon if Tim Burton or Henry Selick had total creative freedom.

Story-wise this issue feels a little bit more like filler, but there are still some stand-out moments that make it worth adding to your digital pull list such as the return of the Order of Tongues, worshipers of The Mad Arkaan (aka Owen’s LARPing friends), who have changed quite a bit since last we met them. Things come to a close with a bit of a twist for the Newbarns and sets up the beginnings of a showdown for issue #5 – should be pretty interesting.

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Written by Rondal

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