Cartoon Short: The Pig Farmer by Nik Cross

Things aren’t always fun down by the farm.

As we learn from all great plays in theater tragedy has three acts, and no short can teach you that better than Nick Cross in his sublime tale: The Pig Farmer.

A five minute short, The Pig Farmer tells a straightforward and simple story of hard work, evil, drugs, murder and regret with great music and sound effects yet not dialogue at all. The first act is an overture showing us the calm before the storm, an anthropomorphic pig living his life by taking care of a farm; the second act is the clash between setting thing straight and a the promise of a life with no worries and indulged in drug and sex; the third act closes the story with darkness, manipulation, regret and an evil that could challenge some of the greatest villains of history.

The Pig Farmer may be short and simple, but its great animation and sublime story will be carved in your skull for months.

Written by Borja Chavarri

Borja Chavarri is your average, introverted late teen suffering from split personality disorder and born under a radioactive cloud of red evil. "They" enjoy Deviantart and plotting against each other when they are not looking. Is not clear how many of “them” exist but zombies coup d’état attempts has been registered inside the main body almost daily.

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