Go Behind-the-Castle of ‘Mad Monster Party’ with Rick Goldschmidt (Book Review)

It’s clear that Goldschmidt has raided every crypt and overturned every coffin to dig up all sorts of ghoulish goodies for fans of the film.

WRITTEN BY: Rick Goldschmidt
PUBLISHER: Miser Bros. Press
COVER PRICE: $29.99 US (Softcover)
RELEASE DATE: Now available

While most people refer to Rick Goldschmidt as an artist, musician, author and historian I like to think of him as an adventurer. How else would you refer to a man who has spent his life chasing his passion through snow-filled winter wonderlands, traversing fog-shrouded mountain paths, and exploring monster-filled castles?

Goldschmidt, who is a pure-bred strange kid if I ever met one, began his adventur-teering career back in the early 90s while getting to meet artists like Jack Davis and Paul Coker, Jr. Although these two names are more commonly associate with MAD MAGAZINE they were also two of the artists that played an important part in the oft-obscure history of RANKIN/BASS Productions.

Turns out it was a history that Goldschmidt was all to eager to learn about and share with the world, which he did with both RANKIN/BASS’ Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Enchanted World of RANKIN/BASS: A Portfolio. Not content to settle on highlighting the more well-remembered ANIMAGIC masterpieces, though, the author went to work on a personal favorite: MAD MONSTER PARTY. Released this past month, RANKIN/BASS’ Mad Monster Party made its debut from Miser Bros. Press and we were lucky enough to get a complimentary copy for the clubhouse.

Mad Monster Party Book
Goldschmidt will even personalize the hard copies with a message and sketch!

Spanning over 250 pages, the book includes everything that you’d ever want to know about the film – from original character artwork to never-before-seen photos, sheet music and the original movie script. There’s even a professional fan art section, vintage merchandise images AND a reprint of a Dell’s Mad Monster Party comic book! It’s clear that Goldschmidt has raided every crypt and overturned every coffin to dig up all sorts of ghoulish goodies for fans of the film.

Instead of presenting the film’s history chronologically each chapter is divided among the artists and creators who helped bring it to life. It’s a bit tricky to read at first, but once you get a feel for Goldschmidt’s pacing things make much more sense. Overall the book is a unique gift for any Mad Monster Party fiend, it goes deeper than any other book on the film (in fact it might just be the ONLY book on the film) with just enough insight and rare material to make it a worthy tome on any monster kid’s bookshelf.


Written by Rondal

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