On the Shelves: DVD Releases for Dec 13, 2011

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week.

Kung Fu Panda 2
Kung Fu Panda 2 – I loved the first Kung Fu Panda. I haven’t yet seen this sequel, but I imagine that it’s awesome. I’m sad they didn’t keep the original subtitle, “The Kaboom of Doom”.  That just sounds bad ass.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Rise of the Planet of the Apes – It’s been years since I’ve seen the original Apes movie and I’ve never seen any of the sequels. I will rectify that soon.  I wonder how well this movie plays if you watch it right before the original Planet of the Apes?

Fright Night
Fright Night – The remake of the cheesy 80s vampire flick starring Colin Ferrell. This looks really good. I enjoy the original flick, but this remake actually looks better. I can’t wait to see it.

Ip Man 3
The Legend is Born: Ip Man – I loved the original Ip Man starring Donnie Yen. It’s f**king amazing. The second Ip Man was not as good as the first, but still had some awesome action scenes. This third Ip Man movie is a prequel (why?) about Ip Man’s early years. Donnie Yen didn’t return for this, but the guy they got looks a lot like him. I hear it’s pretty good, and I loved the two original movies, so I’ll definitely see this.

The Expendables Director's Cut
The Expendables: Extended Director’s Cut – I want to see this if only to find out what insanity would have been cut out of the original movie. Hopefully it’s not more Mickey Rourke. Or more talky-talky scenes.

Sledge Hammer!
Sledge Hammer!: The Complete Series – I didn’t watch this show regularly but I’ve seen several episodes and it’s a pretty damn funny parody of 80s cop/detective shows like Mike Hammer or Spencer for Hire.

Klown Kamp Massacre
Klown Kamp Massacre – Why did they misspell both clown and camp? Couldn’t this have easily been called Clown Camp Massacre?  Anyway, the synopsis sounds like a riff on the Friday the 13th formula.  Just replace co-eds with clowns.  Which sounds incredibly weird.

Written by Paxton Holley

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