Webcomic Review: Romantically Apocalyptic

Romantically Apocalyptic

Be honest, you didn’t see this apocalypse coming.

There will be a time when humanity must face what is beyond civilization. Truly, several movies like Mad Max and Waterworld has shown us that that the world left behind after nuclear explosions won’t be more than a mess of people who fight over the remains of what is left like animals. But what if it’s not only decency, love and law abiding citizens that disappear? What about if also sanity died in the awful radioactive fire and its remains were sucked into the Earth’s core where no one can ever hear from it again? Sound appealing? Well then, Romantically Apocalyptic is the webcomic for you!

This great comic was created by Vitaly S Alexius, a great Photoshop artist who uses the tool combined with live actors (and dead ones) and footage to make this incredible stories of a post apocalyptic future. Its notable how the comic has an incredible sensation of fluidity of movement and a great perception of detail, especially evident in the range of expressions the main characters possess who, despite having their faces constantly covered, display great personalities thanks to the great work Vitaly puts into their movements and mask design. It makes having less face shown a big plus.

Romantically Apocalyptic
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sniper, The Captain and Pilot

The story focuses on a post-apocalyptic world where the glorious ZEE CAPTAIN rules with an iron fist and a meringue brain over his incredibly loyal and quite mentally unbalanced soldiers. In reality Zee Captain is more of a child/mentally ill soldier trapped in a fantasy world while navigating the cruel, mutated world around him. He’s easy to love with his cheery personality and his naïve and “lively” way to see the world. Despite all this it has been shown that Captain can also display incredible skills as a strategist and more than enough intelligence and cruelty. It is unclear if he really understands any danger he falls in (most probably being a fantasy as a result of steroids in his brain). It is also stated that Captain is actually radioactive or covered in heavy radiation, possesses great emphatic skills and owns the only non-radioactive straw left in the world.

The supporting cast consists mostly of two characters, although one of them is clearly more relevant than the other. The first one and most important is Sniper (aka Mr. Yippy), a hyper responsible kind of second in command who follows Captain wherever he goes and does whatever the Captain tells him to do. Sniper is usually used as comic relief in which his dignity is destroyed by the Captain’s consequential use of reality. Then we have Pilot, a less known character also loyal to Captain. It doesn’t appear too much in the comic and has only been seen interacting with Captain, a dead guy, radioactive spiders and a stuffed puffin doll. It may appear that Pilot shares the same perception of reality as Captain but seems to lack his luck, although even in true danger he remains as “perceptive” as usual. He seems to look up to Captain and really enjoy his company.

Romantically Apocalyptic is quite a modern jewel in the comic world, displaying creative stories and jokes with huge amounts of comedy and badassery involved. Its curious that this webcomic possesses a characteristic that makes it unique; each character (living or dead) interacts in perfect harmony within this (potentially) fictional world making them interesting in both dialogue and presence. No character is wasted or used as background; every one you see will probably die or suffer under Captain’s happy-go-lucky, destructive personality.

Now go read it!

And have a good day.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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