Fan Art Friday: Marco d’Alfonso Pits Pop Culture Icons Against Each Other

TMNT vs Pizza

It’s a rumble in the pop culture jungle. Ready? FIGHT!

TMNT vs PizzaIn his Versus series, Toronto-based illustrator and game designer Marco d’Alfonso pits some of his favorite pop culture icons against one another – in a “comedy deathmatch” scenario that finds cartoon characters like Raphael vs Pizza or X-Babies vs Pedobear.

Not only that, but Marco’s DeviantArt gallery also features friendly mash-ups between Krang and Optimus Prime, Catwoman and Garfield, Bane and Venom – even Deadpool and 50 Cent!

The Walking Dead vs Thriller

Urkelbot vs Screech

Wolverine vs Wax

X-Babies vs Pedobear

Bulkhead vs Iron Man

Written by Rondal

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  • Dex

    Loving he 40 Year Old Virgin reference. These are great!

  • My money’s on Urkel Bot.