Ghostbusters meets McDonalds in 3-Part ‘McBusters’ Web Shorts

Its Ghostbusters meets McDonald’s – what more do you need to know?!

Well folks, today marks the first of 25 days until the (second) best holiday ever and it seems that Santa has already delivered his first bundle of joy thanks to our fellow strange kid, Chogrin (thanks buddy)! This glorious nugget (see what I did there?) of internet gold is called McBusters and was created by Myke Chilian (aka Martiros) for Channel 101 earlier this year and features THE best mash-up of film loving fast food parodies that these eyes have ever witnessed.

Showcasing an “elseworld” cast of classic McDonaldland characters (Mac Tonight as Ernie Hudson? Hell yeah!), McBusters boasts some A-list quality voice acting and animation – there’s even some guest appearances by the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, and Oderus Urungus from Gwar – as Ronald McDonald, Mac Tonight, Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese face off against the Fry Kids, killer McNuggets and a giant Grimace!

For anyone interested, there’s a great interview with Myke Chilian over at Turnstyle News.

Written by Rondal

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