Head Games: Resident Evil (Gamecube)


Remakes are usually not a fan favorite. The recreation of a beloved movie or game often turns into a disastrous half-ass mess with everyone complaining that it wasn’t up to the original in any way possible. Examples ooze around everywhere from Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake to the most recent Bionic Commando. But there are always exceptions to every rule, exceptions that sometimes turn something good in something mind-blowing and incredible.

One such rule-breaking remake would be Resident Evil for the GameCube – now that’s how a remake should be done! Pushing the limits with incredible graphics, re-written scripts with professional actors to perform them and mind blowing visuals that made the PlayStation original looks like a light comedy (which was in a way). Enemies were enhanced to create spooks that would haunt you through the game and beyond; like the tank with the life treating Tyrant or the exterior gardens that seemed so dark and grim you could swear enemies would jump from almost every corner. Elements of the original game became key to the disturbing ambient of the new game, especially the limited angle view and the aiming mechanics which make besting the horrors of the mansion a nightmarish task you would run to attempt again and again.

The game itself is really one of my personal favorites since it is the most faithful one to deliver that desperation effect that every survival horror game seeks to convey (that in my opinion has faded in the 4 and 5 entries of the series). Its twisted story has created a legacy that survived into later entries like boss fights that consist in completing a level so you can weaken the boss and fight it like the when you’re up against the Giant Plant which also appears later in the fight under the caves in RE 4 or outrunning bosses in order to fight them in special areas like the worm man in RE 5 which comes from the fight in the Megalodon tank from the original RE.

Resident Evil for the Gamecube was indeed a game that was beyond a remake and instead revitalized an “okay” franchise that still needed its last touches in order to become perfect. It showed that graphics could drastically improve the quality of a scare and ensured the “Golden Era of Survival Horror” where most of the finest games of this genera spawned. I say if you love a good scare go grab this game now, you won’t regret anything from it.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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  • Ahhh…back when Resident Evil wasn’t a joke. I love the remake….takes all the good of the original, while adding some of its own twists, and doing rid of all the cheesy voice acting and dialogue of ps1 game.

  • Such an amazing game! Love all the added touches and scares I hope and pray they do 2 and 3 soon. I didn’t mind 5, but it’s no longer what it used to be. I need my classic RE fix SOOOOOOON!!!!!