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Fan Art Friday: Christopher Lee’s TMNT Action Figure Fan Art

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November 25, 2011


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Fan Art Friday: Christopher Lee’s TMNT Action Figure Fan Art

Wow. It’s scary to think that our last edition of Fan Art Friday was over a month ago. It’s been a busy few weeks for sure with a handful of new projects and updates on the horizon that will make my sporadic updates all worthwhile. However, since I’ve never been to big on excuses I decided it was time to dust off a few of our old columns and what better way to kick things off than with some kickass TMNT fan art?!

From the portfolio of Christopher Lee, this series is based on some of the best B-listers from the classic 90s toy line. It’s too bad there’s no Mutagen Man in the mix, but Lee does manage to include Muckman and Joe Eyeball. Hell yeah.

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