Weird World of Webcomics: Dale Mettam’s Cemetery Street

If you thought your co-workers were weird, wait until you get a load of the creeps working on Cemetery Street.

Cemetery Street is a webcomic by Dale Mettam – the creative mind behind the popular Viper Comic Missing Linx (which we reviewed here at the clubhouse a few months ago). Mettam’s strip focuses on the day-to-day trials and tribulations of three “young” professionals, who also happen to be roommates – “Adam Franklin Stein,” “Lou Ghune,” and “Ms. Booo.” Of course, you can probably guess from these names that these people aren’t your typical nine-to-fivers, but are riffs on classic monsters.

Cemetary Street shows what the world might be like if these classic horror icons really inhabited the working world, and what sorts of problems and issues they’d have to deal with. One of the more gross-out examples of this theme is when Adam and Ms. Booo spend their first night sharing an apartment house with Lou. Lou doesn’t properly moisturize his skin, and the roomies wake up to a monstrous surprise… let’s just say the city air isn’t kind to Lou’s sensitive skin.

According to his website, Mettam has quite a bit of experience scripting other comics, but Cemetary Street is his first foray into providing the actual finished artwork himself. I wouldn’t have guessed this because Mettam’s clean, sharp and colorful art looks as if it came from the pen of a seasoned pro. With snappy dialogue and appealing illustrations, Mettam’s comic is definitely a fun read.

Cemetary Street updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and can be read at

Written by Will Penny

Will Penny hails from the cornfields of Iowa, but calls the sunny beaches of Southern California his home these days. When he’s not out surfing you can probably catch him at a local coffee shop doodling away at another creepy picture for his webcomic Sex and Monsters.

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