Trade or Die: Dinosaurs (1991) Trading Cards

In the spirit of giving, and the fact the tomorrow marks the return of Jim Henson’s The Muppets to theaters, I wanted to bring back our Trade or Die column for a look at one of my all time favorite TV shows turned trading cards: DINOSAURS! I also want to mention that these cards I’m using for the review were kindly donated by clubhouse member Devin Connors (thanks D!).

I mentioned Dinosaurs back when you talked about Aliens in the Family (another Jim Henson Television production), but unlike the latter show Dinosaurs was pure, animatronically controlled, puppet awesomeness. Without going into too much detail about the show, I’ll save that for another time, Dinosaurs was a 90s sitcom featuring a family of dinosaurs facing everyday problems – including the inevitable extinction of their race (it’s funnier than it sounds). Although the show was part of Jim Henson’s vision, he unfortunately passed away before it premiered and the rest of its development was overseen by his son Brian Henson and Michael Jacobs.

Dinosaurs Trading Cards

The trading card set, produced by a company called Pro Set, was actually released the same year that the show premiered in 1991 and features 50 photo cards, 5 trivia question cards and 10 puzzle cards. The photo cards are pretty standard stuff, generally depicting members of the cast on top of brightly colored backgrounds of purple, yellow, pink and red. Each one reveals a bit of biographical information about the character as well as some famous quotes like “I’m the baby. Brand new. Gotta love me!”

Baby Sinclair - Dinosaurs

The trivia cards all feature the same picture which is a bit uninspired, but at least the questions (10 on each card for a total of 50) prove to be lots of fun. The real oddball here are the puzzle cards which, quite honestly, are too easy for their own good. Like smaller versions of the photo cards, each puzzle is etched in the same pattern so they can be popped out and put back together. However, with only 6 pieces to each puzzle they’re not that hard to figure out. What would have been better was if Pro Set made each card different pieces to one big puzzle.

Otherwise, it’s a decent card set but maybe one that jumped on the trading card boom too soon. It would have been great to see 2 or 3 seasons incorporated in the set – definitely would’ve given them more material to work with.

Written by Rondal

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