The Nostalgia Critic Spreads the Real Spirit of the Season in ‘Holiday Clusterf**k’

Well, its that horrible time of the year again. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas collide in an awful, money sucking, spending driving, family ruining, meaning destroying time. With most of this holiday’s real meaning gone in the eyes of the public and no other important matter rather than buying the best to expect to feel the best while trying to keep appearances so nobody knows how you really feel, I give you this song written and performed by the Nostalgia Critic so you can get in the real spirit of the season.

Cheery ho and happy whatever!

Written by Borja Chavarri

Borja Chavarri is your average, introverted late teen suffering from split personality disorder and born under a radioactive cloud of red evil. "They" enjoy Deviantart and plotting against each other when they are not looking. Is not clear how many of “them” exist but zombies coup d’état attempts has been registered inside the main body almost daily.

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