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The Weird World of Webcomics: Iain Ramsay’s “Cartoons and Other Stuff”

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November 15, 2011


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Remember that old candy bar slogan “sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t?” Well, in the world of cartoonist Iain Ramsay, everyone’s a little nuts, and nothing is really that sweet.

Ramsay writes and draws some of the weirdest gag comics on the ‘net. They’re an odd ball mix of dry humor and sharp wit. The art style is equally strange and unique, and perfectly compliments the topics addressed by Ramsay’s ‘toons. Specifically, the line work is intentionally wavy, while the coloring appears to be a type of watercolor or ink wash. This creates the impression that Ramsay’s world is a little off, a little crooked.

No topic is off limits with these comics – there’s a gag to be found in everything from religious blasphemy to dystopian futures to man-eating robots. The comic is relatively young, having only been started in March of this year, but Ramsay is already branching off from traditional single panel gags to longer form strips. The website also features clever, illustrated short stories of the macabre and absurd.

The site updates about twice a week and is well worth checking out if you’re feeling the need for a quick fix of the weird, the wicked, or the nutty. All the comics and stories can be found at

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  • Herve Villechaize

    Today I went to check on Ian Ramsay’s site. I was very disappointed that it was expired. Worse, his Deviant Art is deactivated. I am already missing his work. Does anyone know what is going on?

    • Rondal

      Wow, that sucks. I spent some time searching on Google but all I came up with was some lawyer who died back in 2002, a watercolor artist and a “footballer” from Australia. :/