There Will Be “A Monster in Paris” Coming Soon – Official International Trailer

Today I wanted to go with something different and after having to cope with my comp lost I decided to dive into Youtube once more to hunt for something funny to ease my anger. It was there where I found the trailer of a curious French film that now I am eager to see: A Monster In Paris (Un Monstre á Paris), a movie that seems to be a sweet and simple “Frankenstein if accidentally created by Abbot & Costello” kind of movie, but animated through the lens of Pixar (it is actually done by Bibo Films).

The movie is placed in the Paris of the early 1910, with its cabarets, detectives and suffering one of its biggest floods ever. There is where a delivery guy called Raoul and his partner Émile somehow end up in a professor’s lab with all kind of twisted experiments and deadly formulas; there they seem to accidentally create a monster. –M- or “Frank” as it has been called in the English dubbed trailers, is the name of the monster released in Paris; originally dressed as what seems a Mr. Hyde style costume, he apparently terrorizes the minds of the Parisian people with his innocent and curious large human type flea-body. He soon is found by the gentle Lucille, a young and sweet cabaret singer who hides him, dresses him up in a white suit, a Phantom of the Opera kind of mask and teaches –M- the beauty of music. Together they become the most spectacular singing duo in Paris but also making a challenge for Lucille to hide his new friend from the ever vigilant eyes of Inspector Maynott who has been ordered to find and stop the monster.

The movie seems sweet and simple but also it appears to borrow a lot from gothic and mystery novels that are related to the era. Detectives from the mind of Poe, monsters resembling Mr. Hyde, mad scientists and fog that could be cut with a knife; everything ready for a murder. Instead the movie seems to ride down the alley of French sentimentalism using something that for me the strong point so far: the music. The music is what made me want to see this movie and show it to you, a delicious French trailer with music so beautiful that it makes me want to dance at its rhythm. I say I’d give it a try if I find it and I hope it to live up to my expectations and please don’t see too much of the English trailer, it really is an unholy sight compared to what the French made for us.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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