The Weird World of Webcomics: David Campiti and Al Rio’s “Exposure”

Revealing what lies behind the truth!

Did you ever think The X-Files would be cooler as a late-night skin-flick on Cinemax? Okay, sure, maybe not with Mulder – but imagine if it starred two Scullys in ‘90s-superheroine inspired spandex!

The creative minds behind Exposure are here to make those teenaged dreams come true. Author David Campiti and artist Al Rio’s comic follows the adventures of Lisa Shannon and Shawna Diaz, two “ParaTech” researchers that work to expose all the creepy crawly secrets in the world.

Exposure is a smartly written comic with a keen sense for cheese. The art is reminiscent of such comic classics as Gen-13 and Danger Girl with an eye for blood, guts, and monsters. To be sure, the comic doesn’t shy away from shots of T & A, but such gratuitousness is all part of the fun. For example, the very first page of the comic has a nude, babe-alicious nun being viciously attacked by a crazy-mad vampire! The story only gets better from there.

Reading this webcomic might make you think you just picked up an old issue of a forgotten Image comic book – which would make perfect sense, because Exposure actually started off as a print comic published by Image. Fortunately for us, the creators have decided to continue their story on the internet with a new page update almost daily. You can join the monster-hunting action at

Written by Will Penny

Will Penny hails from the cornfields of Iowa, but calls the sunny beaches of Southern California his home these days. When he’s not out surfing you can probably catch him at a local coffee shop doodling away at another creepy picture for his webcomic Sex and Monsters.

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