The Weird World of Webcomics: Prepare for the Coming “Holiday Wars”

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Before you know it, Christmas will be here and the yuletide will be in full swing. If you’re a festive person like myself, you’ll agree that the holiday season can be a fun and wild ride. It’s a crazy time of year. So it makes sense that a webcomic based on these holidays is equally fun and crazy.

Holiday Wars is an entertaining adventure comic about the Easter Bunny’s diabolical plot to kill Santa Claus and steal the Holiday Spirit in order to ensure his immortality. Foreseeing the Bunny’s betrayal, Santa hid the Holiday Spirit and marked a teenager – Tegan Cassidy – as the only person able to find it. These events kick off a war with the personifications of each holiday choosing sides. The comic is written by Scott King, penciled by Michael Odom, inked by Arturo Said and colored by Giuseppe Pica.

I’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty wacky concept, but it’s a bit of a kick to see Santa bound and gagged while the Easter Bunny rips off each of his fingernails! The comic is episodic, so you’ll have to start reading the strip at the beginning to understand the story. However, the narrative moves briskly, and creates a compelling mythology of anthropomorphic holiday characters.

Holiday Wars is well worth checking out, and is a great way to kick off the start of this year’s holiday season. The strip updates Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and can be read at

Written by Will Penny

Will Penny hails from the cornfields of Iowa, but calls the sunny beaches of Southern California his home these days. When he’s not out surfing you can probably catch him at a local coffee shop doodling away at another creepy picture for his webcomic Sex and Monsters.

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