Nelvana’s “Detentionaire” is Beyond Your Common Detention

I was on the net the other day looking for a good new toon to have fun watching. I scanned the usual subjects such as American cartoons and Japanese anime but I found nothing much, until I remembered that other countries make animation too. With that in mind I searched in the cartoon archives of USA’s gentle neighbor of the north Canada. There I found something very interesting to watch, a cartoon that wrap me in the suspense of Moville Mysteries, with cruel yet funny twists like the Total Drama series. A thriller cartoon that I myself have found quite interesting: DETENTIONARIE.

Detentionaire, created by Daniel Bryan Franklin and Charles Johnston and produced by Nelvana, is thriller/action/ comedy series that starts with a quite common approach; there is your average school of “A. Nigma High” where Lee Ping, an Asian-Canadian student, is beginning to enjoy his life as a tenth grader, until is framed for the biggest prank in the history of pranks… at his first day of school! Now Lee is in detention for the rest of the year, but this won’t stop him to clear his name. With the help of his friends the wannabe latino-gansta Cam, the Nordic ambiguously gay (the guy seems to be clearly gay, but he is a lady’s too) buddy Holgar and the always in detention, sensitive, sadistic, gentle cat lover bully Biffy, Lee will find the mastermind behind the prank. But danger is not far from Lee and Co., since they will have to face the new half-man, half-machine, all military awesomeness of Principal General Barrage (by far my favorite character), the psycho cleaners (a legion of perfectly fit janitors in biohazard suits wielding atomic powered vacuum cleaners) and a mysterious shadow manipulating Lee’s moves in every way, in order to find the truth.

The only crime committed by this show so far is it’s the moderate abuse of stereotypes, but it compensates it with original artwork and the oddities in it, such as Barrage himself or the school pet: a living breathing cryptid called the Tazle Worm. The story also is constantly evolving with good plot twists and interesting themes, showing that whatever happened to Lee may not have been a vengeance or a prank, but rather a way to warn him about strange things going on at A. Nigma High, things that may threat everyone in the school. I strongly suggest that you go watch the series, it left a great impression on me as a great addition for cartoon thrillers.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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