Nelvana’s “Detentionaire” is Beyond Your Common Detention

I was on the net the other day looking for a good new toon to have fun watching. I scanned the usual subjects such as American cartoons and Japanese anime but I found nothing much, until I remembered that other countries make animation too. With that in mind I searched in the cartoon archives of USA’s gentle neighbor of the north Canada. There I found something very interesting to watch, a cartoon that wrap me in the suspense of Moville Mysteries, with cruel yet funny twists like the Total Drama series. A thriller cartoon that I myself have found quite interesting: DETENTIONARIE.

Detentionaire, created by Daniel Bryan Franklin and Charles Johnston and produced by Nelvana, is thriller/action/ comedy series that starts with a quite common approach; there is your average school of “A. Nigma High” where Lee Ping, an Asian-Canadian student, is beginning to enjoy his life as a tenth grader, until is framed for the biggest prank in the history of pranks… at his first day of school! Now Lee is in detention for the rest of the year, but this won’t stop him to clear his name. With the help of his friends the wannabe latino-gansta Cam, the Nordic ambiguously gay (the guy seems to be clearly gay, but he is a lady’s too) buddy Holgar and the always in detention, sensitive, sadistic, gentle cat lover bully Biffy, Lee will find the mastermind behind the prank. But danger is not far from Lee and Co., since they will have to face the new half-man, half-machine, all military awesomeness of Principal General Barrage (by far my favorite character), the psycho cleaners (a legion of perfectly fit janitors in biohazard suits wielding atomic powered vacuum cleaners) and a mysterious shadow manipulating Lee’s moves in every way, in order to find the truth.

The only crime committed by this show so far is it’s the moderate abuse of stereotypes, but it compensates it with original artwork and the oddities in it, such as Barrage himself or the school pet: a living breathing cryptid called the Tazle Worm. The story also is constantly evolving with good plot twists and interesting themes, showing that whatever happened to Lee may not have been a vengeance or a prank, but rather a way to warn him about strange things going on at A. Nigma High, things that may threat everyone in the school. I strongly suggest that you go watch the series, it left a great impression on me as a great addition for cartoon thrillers.

Written by Borja Chavarri

Borja Chavarri is your average, introverted late teen suffering from split personality disorder and born under a radioactive cloud of red evil. "They" enjoy Deviantart and plotting against each other when they are not looking. Is not clear how many of “them” exist but zombies coup d’état attempts has been registered inside the main body almost daily.

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  • LaDracul

    Doesn’t it seem like it’s always some ambiguously gay dude who gets the girls? If you recall “Underclassmen”, another fine Canadian cartoon, their pal Cal was the same way, but you saw him surrounded by girls…which got more confusing, IMO…

    • Sheldog

      You mean “Undergrands”

      That show was brilliant!

  • Daniel Bryan Franklin

    Hey, thanks for watching and liking our show. It launches Jan 5th I think, 2012. Oh and I read a few things about people thinking characters are sterotypes. But because of the arcing nature of the show, many of the side character seems like sterotypes at first but as the show continues they all evolve into fresh and new types of people. It made more sense to write side characters with fewer scenes, broader and as we see them more they become more complex….

    • Borja Chávarri

      Thanks for reading my article, I feel honored that you took the time to do so. Also I am eager to see the evolution of the characters, they really seem interesting and the art made me want to see more. I really think is a great show that has a lot to offer.XD

      For the stereotypes, well my problem came mostly from Lee and Cam but is easy to overview and forget once you go deeper into the episodes. I don’t think it’d be a problem if the shows keeps doing good.

      One thing I hope is that there is lots more of Biffy, Barrage, Tazleworm.

      • Daniel Bryan Franklin

        ….and I feel honour that u took the time to watch it. Thxs… Keep posting your thoughts on the show…. if u like or hate it… whatever…. luv to hear feedback. Now I’m off to Skyrim their a dragon that needs slaying!

    • Maggie

      From my personal experience, I really enjoy Detentionaire. The plot is interesting and I find the characters likable, especially Biffy. He’s probably the first bully character that I liked because he is smart, funny, and resourceful. I’m glad this show made him drift away from the usual dumb bully stereotype. I look forward to watching more episodes.

  • Happy

    I am a Detentionaire Fan!,It`s my favourite show,and I love Lee!,I heard there’s gonna be atleast 25 episodes 🙂

    • Borja Chávarri

      That’s cool! I wrote this article seeing all the potential the series has, I hope it really does well.

  • Ms. DollabillYall

    I am in LOVE with the show right now! Episode 10 (Escape to Factory Island) was definitely my favorite, by far! If you haven’t seen it yet, then I totally recommend it:)
    My favorite characters are Lee, Tina, Brandy, the Tazulwurm, and Barage♥♥
    (I really hope Lee and Tina get together, they’re a great match!)

    @Happy there is going to be 2 seasons of 26 episodes, 53 in total. If the show goes well (let’s pray it does!) I heard there would be more seasons to follow.

    Thanks for posting this review. It’s short, but really in depth:)

    • Borja Chávarri

      I cannot watch it due that I don’t live in Canada, only seen the first 5 episodes all over again. I hope they get in youtube soon.

  • Ms. DollabillYall

    Awwwe:( I’ve been trying to use a screen capture program to record it from Teletoon so i could watch “on-the-go”, but I couldn’t find a decent program that recorded both audio and visuals (if you know of a good one, I may be able to upload). I’m sorry you can’t watch it, but you should check out the “Detentionaire Web Exclusives”. Its about Tina Kwee investigating the missing principle! Its pretty cool, I was able to upload those not to long ago:) You should look it up on Youtube. There are six of them, and they’re about a minute and a half each. They correspond with the first five episodes and hopefully will help you cope until the show reaches the US (or wherever you’re from). I’m sure it will, because it seems to be successful so far. (My channel:

  • jim

    is there going to be detentioaire 2

    • Borja Chávarri

      It has been confirmed for the Fall of 2013 in Canada. It apparently involves an upscale in a conflict that Lee overlooks when he is looking for whoever framed him in the first place; also to a series of special internet shorts related to Tina’s investigating the missing teachers and other background info. Here is one of the episodes about Tina’s investigation