The Top 5: More Forgotten Halloween TV Favorites

It’s the return of the Halloween TV Specials that time forgot!

If you remember from our last post, The Top 5: Forgotten TV Halloween Specials, there’s a pumpkin patch full of Halloween specials that have been left to rot while some of the better known favorites get all the attention. In fact, we got such good feedback from you guys on that post Strange Kid and I figured we’d compile a follow-up compendium of misfit TV specials that time forgot.

So strap into the “wayback” machine, grab your favorite bit sized candy bar and get ready to get historical – it’s time for 5 More Forgotten Halloween TV Favorites!

5) It’s Punky Brewster! “Halloween Howlers”

I don’t remember much about Punky Brewster other than what most people do; the pig tails and rainbow socks, but I’m fairly certain the show never had anything remotely to do with magic or leprechauns (both of which found their way into the cartoon series somehow). That discretion aside, Halloween Howlers is still a pretty fun holiday special that finds a Brewster and her friends dressing up for night of tricks and treats in the big city… okay, so I’m a sucker for anything even remotely related to Halloween.

4) The Fat Albert Halloween Special

“Hey, hey, hey!” It’s Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids in this prime time TV special that aired back in the late 70s which saw the entire gang dress up to play some pranks on their neighbors. That is until they meet up at Old Lady Blackwell’s, the most haunted house on the entire block. Like everything that Cosby did there is a moral lesson to be learned here, but that comes second to the joy of seeing Halloween decorations in every storefront on the streets.

3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Halloween”

As Long Tran mentions over in his site, The Midnight Brood, in its 7 season run Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer has only received a total of 3 Halloween specials (Rosanne puts that record to shame all by herself). Granted, much like the next show on our list, every episode of Buffy has some relation to horror anyway so it must have been hard to top that so Halloween deserves some credit for trying. Plus, who doesn’t fantasize about turning into their costume and causing some havoc?

2) Billy and Mandy’s Jacked-Up Halloween

While any given episode of The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy could be considered grounds for a Halloween special, only this episode from Season 2 got the official stamp of authenticity for being an actual “special.” It’s parody of the time tested Headless Horseman tale is unique enough to keep it from careening into Dullsville, but it’s the epic pumpkin parade that really earns it mention on this list. Seeing Erwin methodically humiliated also doesn’t hurt.

1) Witch’s Night Out

I don’t ever remember hearing about this one before this year, but everyone one seemed to love it so I figured – what the hell – I’d give it a shot. Much to my surprise I kinda liked it, though some of the more psychedelic aspects were lost on me. I’m just a strange kid from a different dimension generation I suppose, but as a whole it was a lot of fun with some great vocal talent. The theme song also has a G-rated Halloween (John Carpenter) vibe to it. If you’re really looking for a good breakdown of this special, head on over to Adam’s Halloween Specials blog for a definitive love letter to this special and so many more.

There you have it! Did we still leave some out, let us know and share your forgotten favorites below.

Written by Rondal

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