Lost Signals: Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (2003)

Ah, school! We all remember our days at science class, we could sleep all through the Physics class, hope that the teacher would attempt to teach us how to blow up something or dream that the dissection table was our door to make our modern Prometheus come to life (or its closest amphibian substitute). Anyhow, as we lived with our thoughts far beyond of what in this realm is considered “normal” I discovered that Discovery Kids actually decided to nourish the inner Mad Scientist in me with amazing stories of science going wrong… awfully, awfully wrong. Enter Blake Holsey High, a boarding school sitting on a wormhole, and yes you read it right.

Blake Holsey High or “Black Hole High,” as it is known through the series is a school, built on an enigma, supported by a mystery and guarded by a puzzle (a 1000000 blank puzzle to be more precise) all of it around the fact that a wormhole actually exists fluctuating inside the school itself. Is not after the disappearance of the school former science teacher and the arrival of Josie Tent that the “Science Club” (Corrine, Lucas, Marshall, Vaughn), aided by Josie and the new science teacher Professor Zachary (aka “Z”), will unscrew all the mysteries under the school once and for all. But the school hides more than one secret and some clearly deadlier than others, like Victor Pearson a tycoon and Vaughn father, he is the school main benefactor (and malefactor) and The Janitor the school only caretaker and also his main secret keeper.

The series itself lasted 3 full seasons and ended with a 3 episode movie finale labeled as the 4th season of the show. The show is a kind of Mad Scientist meets Scooby Doo and a conspiracy theory, were a mystery would be introduced every day with the school wormhole manipulating the odds of everything that happened inside. As a Discovery Kids Show it had also to be educational, and it did a great work at it by making learning the way to solve the problem, and save their lives.

Each episode would usually start with the exhibition of a theory or a scientific demonstration, and it would be after the wormhole twisted it that the Science Club would have to dig into the theory itself to stop its effects. Each theory was unique and went beyond your regular science concept, digging into skull busting stuff like time travel, string theories, cold fusion, etc. Most important was the fact that the story built up constantly because from behind the scenes someone was trying to use the wormhole, and it was through the wormhole “accidents” that the Science Club finds out of this. No string is left untied since what happens in an episode would be answered in another and unrelated events build up into a major plot twist.

I say Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is clearly a must see show if you love science and the paranormal, cast and crew are great and the special effects are in no short hand and can be quite more creative than you could expect.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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