Stefan Prehn and Jorg Wagner’s Safety Video “Forklift Driver Klaus” is Anything but Safe

Safety videos are a standard in today’s world. Usually you see them because someone is trying to teach you something educational to save our lives, or keep a bunch of hyperactive kids quite while trying not to go crazy. Usually for me safety videos are mildly informative and teach what should be at anyone’s grasp of logic, until I found this particular safety video.

This particular “Fork Lift Safety Video” starts quite and normal and by half of it you start to see odd things going on, from funny accidents to some of world funniest work mutilations ever pulled off in the name of showing what may happen if. Then you may realize this was never a safety film but a short film directed by Stefan Prehn and Jorg Wagner called Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job (2000). The film features “KLAUS” a forklift driver who just received his fork lift driver license and is ready to jump into the amazing world of forklift safety, by putting everyone’s life at risk in the process. The film immerses the watcher in an actual safety video atmosphere with its music and it scores a great amount of hilarity by the special effects and make-up that reminds you of a B-Movie of way back. The film is not aired to be gory, just funny, and nails it pretty great with accidents that build up from common mistake to too far hilarious to be taken seriously.

This short film was originally aired at the Cannes film festival and now waits for a feature-length adaptation from where I expect to see more blood, gore, hilarious amputations and even more hilarious reactions to what awful pain may cause in not very bright German workers.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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