Granny Grimm’s Book of Ghoulish Grammar presents ‘U is for Undead’

Artwork © Nik Holmes

Time to get your learning caps ready… it’s the return of Granny Grimm’s Ghoulish Book of Grammar!

An artistic experiment by artist Nik Holmes, Granny Grimm explores the world of horror films one slant, alphabetic pictogram at a time.

Written by Nik Holmes

Nik Holmes combines a love of flat and chunky retro cartooning with the bold and colorful styling of old school graffiti to produce illustrations with a distinctly vector flavoring. On a more personal creative front he produces the small press comic Hardcore Bikini Allstars and is chief gravedigger of the undead art site Zombiedollars.

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  • So wait, is this a “new age” zombie? It runs? ha ha

    • I think it must be some sort of new training technique… you know, to keep up with the “young” zombies. 😀

  • Maybe Zombies run because eating humans is high in fat. Honestly they just want to keep trim. You’e not sexy unless we can see your ribs!