Lost Signals: Secrets of the Cryptkeepers Haunted House (1996)

Can you survive the morbid challenges of this CGI nightmare?

Legends of the Hidden Temple. Singled Out. American Gladiators. Nickeloden’s Guts. Not since the 90s has television been so full of such a wondrous assortment of game shows that didn’t involve fake tans, fake boobs, or rich people making fools of themselves. Unfortunately, many of these were left forgotten or cancelled shortly after their creation. One of these shows in particular that stands as a time capsule of this bygone era is Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House.

The format of the short-lived series followed similar kid-friendly game shows of its time like Nick Arcade and Legends of the Hidden Temple with contestants competing in a sequence of sinisterly themed challenges to score as many points as possible… only these challenges had a certain Cryptkeeper “flair for fear” like fireball spewing skulls, hell swamps and (of course) a haunted house maze.

Oddly enough, the Cryptkeeper was relegated to only a commentator/cameo role in his own show with the CGI animated skull Digger and real life host Steve Saunders teaming up for most of the show’s “scare” time. It’s a little disappointing going back now and realizing this, especially since the animated series did such a great job of making ole maggot face a kid-friendly affair only a few years prior in 1994. Likewise the prizes varied from pretty cool (early 90s Apple computer) to WTF?! (a set of encyclopedias). Still, its a nice time capsule of 90s television with just enough ghoulish fun to also make it a fun flashback on Halloween.

A hat tip to our club member of the month, Devin, for bringing this one to our attention.

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Written by Rondal

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