Trailer Terrors: Highway to Hell (1991)

Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be…

If Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Phantasm, and Mad Max ever made sweet, sweet love….Highway to Hell would be the illegitimate love child of that ungodly orgy. The movie follows young couple Charlie Sykes (Chad Lowe) and Rachel Clark (Kristy Swanson) as they elope to Las Vegas, planning on getting a quickie  wedding (Hopefully one preformed by an Elvis impersonator) against the wishes of Ms. Clark’s parents. Spooked by a police officer Charlie’s convinced is onto them, he decides to take a back road Into Vegas on the belief that’ll it be much, much safer. Not too soon after everything goes to hell (HA!) quick when the couple are attacked by a demonic cop who literally hauls Rachel off into the underworld.

Procuring a special demon slaying boomstick and a kick ass new ride from a sympathetic old gas station attendant (His own girl being kidnapped by the Hellcop decades beforehand), Charlie sets off to rescue his beau from damnation. What follows is a bizarre journey through the Hell as Charlie desperately races to save Rachel from becoming the Devil’s bride. Along the way he encounters a psychotic ice cream man, a diner full of zombified cops (Jerry Stiller among them),  a hellish biker gang, a horny succubus, and the intimidating Hellcop himself. Despite all of this…Highway’s a pretty lighthearted little flick, its focus much more on humor and action over gore.

The movie has a very Road Warriorsish feel to it all….especially when it comes to Hellcop’s cruiser. The biker gang, the car chases, the desert backdrop, it all could easily double for a post-nuke knock off. Everything else falls somewhere between Bill & Ted and Army of Darkness, pulling no punches when it comes to the utter weirdness that inhabits its universe (Ben Stiller & Gilbert Gottfried as Attila the Hun & Hitler anyone?) leading to some very wonderful and off the wall moments. Honestly…I love this movie. It’s good, cheeseball fun!  Action packed, and pretty damn original at that, Highway is an entertaining way to kill an evening. Boomsticks, demons, car carnage, and a love story….it’s got a little something for everyone. Unfortunately Highway to Hell has yet to find its way to DVD….on the brightside all you Netflixers can stream it instantly, and for everyone else…..well, there’s always youtube. Give it a go….it’s a hell of  a good time.


Written by Joe Hasson

Joe is just your average ordinary friendly neighborhood sociopath. When not busy watching Elvira reruns, staying up all night playing Splatterhouse, or re-enacting scenes from Conan the Barbarian to a horrified public, he can be found diligently writing his first comic book, taking his first steps into the realm of special effects mastery, and building his hybrid Megaforce flying motorcycle/time traveling DeLorean. He also plays a mean game of Pac-Man.

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  • Rondal

    This is one of those films that surprised me when I first saw it. Though, I had the hardest time distinguishing it from Desperation for the longest, haha.

    • Lol and fair enough! This is one of those movies I saw in the video store as a kid and heard about growing up, but never actually watched. I decided to take the plunge one late night while browsing Netflix and boy am I glad I did! it’s so crazy you can’t help but love it.

      On a sidenote I watched the Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis episode that featured Ben Stiller, and he mentions Highway, considering it to be the worst movie he’s ever been in. 😀