Lost Signals: Monsters (1988)

A horror show that’s fun for the entire family… even if they aren’t human.

Produced by the same mind behind Tales from The Darkside, Richard P. Rubinstein, Monsters was a late 80s/early 90s television anthology show that blended horror with comedy for a unique presentation that was more Harry and the Hendersons than straight horror. While each story was generally unrelated to the next they all shared a common theme (hint: monsters) which tied them together along with some pretty cool twist endings.

Without a doubt my favorite part of this show has to be the opening sequence where a seemingly “normal” family is sitting down to watch their favorite show… but wait! Turns out these aren’t people, but monsters – ahh!. The makeup and effects from this opening are pretty reflective of the quality found in each episode and are credited to consultant Dick Smith (Scanners, Poltergeist III). It’s a little cheesy, but sets the right tone for a series that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Although the show lasted three full seasons, I can only recall a few mixed episodes from when it was re-broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel during the 90s. My favorite episode was probably Jar which included some adultery and these tiny little monsters that kill people before dissolving. Aside from that there was an episode called The Demons and the one found above, Murray’s Monsters. These last two are pretty indicative of what the show was like as a whole. Comedians (or comedic actors) + b-movie monsters = plenty of spooky fun.

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Written by Rondal

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  • Dex

    I loved this show, used ot watch it all the time.If the late 80s/early 90s were good for anything it was syndicated horror shows.

  • Rondal

    You ain’t kidding, Dex! Tales from the Crypt, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Outer Limits, Goosebumps… all gems of that time period.

  • I’m a guilty fan of this show myself. There are a lot of tongue-in-a-rotted-cheek antics going on, but take a look at an episode like “The Hole.”

    HOL-LEE crap. It’s got some serious zombie action going on there. Highly recommended!

    • Rondal

      Haha, I’ll have to check that episode out for sure! It’s too bad they don’t have some sort of DVD collection out yet, I’d definitely grab it.

  • I live in the Detroit area and have the Chiller TV channel through my cable provider. They still play this show, it’s great. Nice little post.

    • Rondal

      Now you mention it, Timothy I need to see if I get Chiller here. It’s probably way easier to catch it on TV than tracking down episodes online (of which there are few). Thanks for the tip!

  • Been years since I’ve seen this! That opening credit sequence used to scare the bejesus outta me as a kid (along with Tales from the Crypt’s) .

  • L

    I use to watch this show eating McDonald’s Happy Meals at 12-1am at night when this came on WGN. Great memories! I like the episode with Steve Buschemi called Bed and Boar. It’s not my favorite or anything, just the one I remember liking.

  • Ben Dilworth

    Unfortunatley! we don’t have chiller here in the u.k. This was a good T.V. Series! Last time i watched this show was in Florida 2004! It has been released on dvd but only in GERMAN! I agree this show should be released, it’s well overdue!