Lost Kung Fu Film “Samurai Frankenstein” Gets October Release Date

Never before seen cult film combines “Frankenstein” adaptation and crazy kung fu action.

HORRORWOOD, CA (October 05, 2011) From Shelley-Shaw Productions, the studio that brought you summer blockbusters like Wuthering Fists and Enter the Quijote, comes this lost adaptation of a literature classic in all the eye-gouging, sword-fighting glory it was meant to be seen in.

Check your local theater for listings and go see Samurai Frankenstein as soon as inhumanly possible. Leaking intestines, ninja stars, and baby seals leap out of the screen in front of your very eyes! Karate chop your way to the ticket booth to save your seats now. Samurai Frankenstein will be back-flipping onto a screen near you. It’s alive— and it’s ready to kick ass!


It’s been years since the doctor put together his creation, stitched from the rotting parts of cadavers. The doctor is now dead and the monster… is free. Floating from the frozen depths of the Arctic to the waters of the Orient, the Creature comes upon a lonely island on which a temple is the only sign of life. But within these ancient walls reside the world’s foremost kung fu and samurai masters!

After engaging the fighters in battle, the Monster is taken under the protégé of sensei Nikatu, the wizened wizard who trained all of the fighters. Looking past the Creature’s hideous exterior to the thudding dragon heart of a warrior that beats within his stitched chest, Nikatu trains him in the ways of the ninja and samurai.

But on the neighboring Skull Island the nefarious Fu Manchu abides, planning on defeating his nemesis Nikatu. While the Creature is off fighting a tournament for the temple’s honor, Manchu resurrects the corpses of the earth’s seven deadliest ninjas with his black magic and with them lay siege to Nikatu’s island. Returning from the tournament, the Monster finds his comrades slaughtered and Nikatu barely clinging to life.

The old man tells his student that it was Manchu’s doing and that he must be stopped before he can claim dominion over the entire planet. The Monster swears upon the mighty blade of his samurai sword that he will cut every last opponent that stands in his way to ribbons. A lightning storm atop Skull Mountain sets the scene for the white-hot, bloody-knuckled climax that’ll have you grunting for more!

Black magic, man-made monsters, brutal fight scenes, and sword-clanging ACTION like you’ve never seen before.

Critics are raving about the phenomenon that is SAMURAI FRANKENSTEIN:

“I didn’t know it was legal to make films like this,” writes Dick Weirdly of the Transylvania Post. “Seriously, I’m pretty sure some laws were broken when that snow leopard was decapitated.”

“I laugh, I cried, I voided my bowels,” raves Emily Snodgrass from the Amityview Weekly. “I think I contracted rabies and got pregnant just from watching it.”

“I’m going to call my mom up later tonight and tell her I love her,” sobs critic George van Lederhosen of CHOKE! Magazine. “My life is worthless now that I’ve seen SAMURAI FRANKENSTEIN.”

Written by Jose Cruz

Jose Cruz is just a simple guy who enjoys the simple things in life… like vampires, werewolves, zombies, blood, horror, and Halloween. Oh, and gorilla henchmen. When he’s not enjoying these things he writes about them over at his blog, From Beyond Depraved.

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