“What Makes You a Strange Kid?” #10 featuring Devin Connors

On April 12th 1988, musical icon “Weird Al” Yankovic released his fifth studio album Even Worse which contained such wonderful rock classics such as “Lasagna”, “I Think I’m A Clone Now” and “Fat.” However, the release date for Yankovic’s musical masterpiece also marks something equally as strange… my birthday!

I have always said that I was born far too late. I was far too young enjoy a majority of the films, bands, TV shows and toys that I am so obsessed with today, but my underexposure to these fine pop culture artifacts has only made my strange infatuation with them stronger! After discovering websites such as I-Mockery, X-Entertainment and most recently Strange Kids Club, I was reminded of everything I wasn’t allowed to enjoy in my youth but still admired from afar. These sites inspired me to go back in the Delorian to the 70s, 80s and 90s to re-discover everything I have missed and over the past few months I have been slowly collecting all those lost toys, albums and VHS tapes from my childhood in order to make up for lost time.

While I’m not at work pushing grocery carts back to the front of the store after lazy people, I spend my time dedicated to my passions. I enjoy making mix-tapes with strange themes, collecting nostalgic stuff, and making collages out of anything I can find. I also enjoy finding interesting videos for the clubhouse here to post for fellow strange kids to enjoy. My motto is that we all need to occasionally forget about the present and future because really, who wants to grow up? Let’s all just stay in the past and enjoy the strange kid inside of us.

Editor’s Note: Check out Devin’s Tumblr page for even more fond memories and nostalgia.

Written by Rondal

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